As long as your home inspector is a member of InterNACHI (such as us), you can be safe in the knowledge that they are professionals. After years of training and experience, we find many issues – small imperfections as well as recommendations for maintenance. If you’re looking for a ‘deal-breaker’, keep an eye out for the following

  • An issue that can cause a major defect (e.g. leak in the roof)
  • Structural damage or failure
  • Safety hazards
  • Problems that will prevent you from obtaining finance

If you spot anything that falls into these four categories, you need to address them quickly.
Since the seller doesn’t necessarily have to fix everything before you become the owner, you need to remain in control of the process. Remember though, not every house is perfect so small issues shouldn’t affect your decision otherwise you will never find the ‘right’ home.
As long as you remember that this should be an enjoyable time, you can keep the stress at bay and we can also help with this. For example, we can even create an annual maintenance plan to keep your home in a great position for the years ahead!